"Cinderella story" styled lovestory

Fantactic Lovestory for Marina & Sergey
I`m found of co-working with talented people! Every time this gives me a lot of inspiration, makes me feel alive and full of live. :) You may have seen some photos from this gorgeous lovestory shoot earlier, but I just had to share some more here also!
This great project we made with magic make up and hair stylist Maria Rubleva for beautiful couple Marina & Sergey. We wanted to play a little with the story of Cinderella, because her story is also a love story.
At first Cinderella was bewitched, and hidden in the attic, like a forgotten doll that surrounds the antiques. But here comes the magic of our history - it flies owl, which awakens our Cinderella from the magical sleep. Waking from sleep, Cinderella does not understand at first where she is, but then starts looking for a way out. Finding a magic door, Cinderella turns not just to a princess, but to a beautiful bride. Now she is waiting for her prince, which also was looking for his princess. And they lived happily ever after! ;)
Hope you enjoy!

MUAH and derocations made by Maria Rubleva
LoveStory film made by Vera  
Photographer Kristina Artyushina